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This application is the "Employment Application and Pre-Employment Questionnaire" (Application) for KKP Security Group, Inc. It is important that the individual applying for employment with KKP Security Group, Inc., the Applicant, complete all sections and respond to all questions and/or prompts contained herein. Failure to do so may cause the entire application to be disregarded and disqualify the Applicant from consideration. Providing false information may result in immediate disqualification or termination once discovered.
The Portal is divided into 3 parts:
  • 1. The Header: Shows your progress and location within the application.
  • 2. The Body: The work area presenting the information or work required of you.
  • 3. The Toolbar: The lower part which allows you to navigate within the application.
Things to be aware of when filling out the application:
  • Toolbar: The toolbar has three (3) buttons: One to continue, a second to go back to the previous page, and a third Overview. The Overview button appears once you have completed all steps. If you choose to edit any page during your overview, the overview button will allow you to navigate back to the Overview Page without having to navigate through all pages
  • Accessing Saved Applications: To access your saved application, you must enter your email address and phone number. This will allow you to continue from your last saved position.